Choristers (Nominal Role) (Dec '18)

Tenor 1

Tenor 2

Bass 1

Bass 2

Shaun Barry

Albert Bridle*

Bill Davies

Ron Draisey*

Kevin Fitzgerald

Les Griffiths

Gerry Hopkins#

Dave Horsman*

Mark Jones

Howard Lloyd

Peter Mitchell

Terry Morgan#

Maurice O'Brien

John O'Malley

Brian Perkins

Glyndwr Prideaux

Ray Restall*

Steve Richards

Jeff Ripton

Brian Treharne

Tony Tucker#

Chris Wood

Brian J Bevan

Colin Davies

Geoff Davies

Roy Davies

Ewan Forrest

Graham Funnell

Paul Grey

Tim James

Chris Jones

Colin Jones

Gwyn Jones

David Llewelyn Jones

Stuart Jones

Chris King

Nigel Lock

Dewi Morgan* 

Arnold Phillips*

Stan Phillips*

Ted Phillips*

Ken Pickard*

Robert Rose

Geoff Thorburn 

Alan Tosdevin

Glyn Williams

Clive Wilson*

David Beynon

David Browell

Alun Bryant*

Bernard Cottey

Noel Davies

Mario DiFrancesco

Denis Greenall

Robert Griffiths

David Jeffreys*

Howard Johnson

Alan Jones

Eric Jones

John Daniel Jones

Alan Lee 

Jim Lenette

Martin Luckwell

Bob Morse*

Dave Mountfield#

Bill Reynolds

Peter Stewkesbury 

 David Vaughan*

Alan Walters

Norman Whomes

Robin Williams

Nigel Binding

Norman Burgess

Fred Cooper

Alan Conibear

Barry Evans*

Geoff Evans@

Peter Gambold* 

Ken Graves*

Ken Jones*

Martin Lloyd Jones

Richard Keene

 Alan Kelly

Peter Osborne@ 

Tony Phipps

Huw Richards

Dafydd Roberts

Wendell Roberts*

Alan Rohan

Dave Thomas*

Peter Thomas

* Life Member # 50+ Year Membership @ 60+ Year Membership



Our recent recruitment iniatative has resulted in the following prospective new members :-

Shaun Barry, Colin Davies, David Beynon and Robert Griffiths have already passed their second voice test and are singing with the choir.

At the other end of the scale, we heartily congratulate Geoff "Effie" Evans and Peter Osborne on an unblemished record of 60+ years of service to the choirs bottom bass section.

NOTE; There's a warm welcome to any man at all Rehearsal Nights, normally held at Olchfa School (SA2 7AB) from 7 pm until 9 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The First step is the important one ! 

Start the New Year - Our first rehearsal is at 7 pm Monday 7th January 2019 at Olchfa School, Gower Road, Sketty. SA2 7AB.

(Then every Wednesday and Monday, same place, same time!)

-      -     -     -     -      -      -     -      -      -      -

We send our very best wishes to all choristers, their families and their friends who may not be known to us, but presently    suffering poor health or undergoing treatment.