Active Choristers (July '19)

Tenor 1

Tenor 2

Bass 1

Bass 2

Albert Bridle*

Ron Draisey*

Kevin Fitzgerald

Les Griffiths

Gerry Hopkins#

Dave Horsman*

Mark Jones

Howard Lloyd

Peter Mitchell

Terry Morgan#

John O'Malley

Brian Perkins

Glyndwr Prideaux

Ray Restall*

Steve Richards

Jeff Ripton

Brian Treharne

Tony Tucker#

Chris Wood

Brian J Bevan

Colin Davies

Geoff Davies

Ewan Forrest

Paul Grey

Tim James

Chris Jones

Colin Jones

Gwyn Jones

David Llewelyn Jones

Stuart Jones

Chris King

Nigel Lock

Dewi Morgan* 

Arnold Phillips*

Stan Phillips*

Ted Phillips*

Ken Pickard*

David Rose

Robert Rose

Geoff Thorburn 

Alan Tosdevin

Glyn Williams

Clive Wilson*

David Beynon

David Browell

Alun Bryant*

Peter Burgess

Bernard Cottey

Noel Davies

Mario DiFrancesco

Denis Greenall

Robert Griffiths

David Jeffreys*

Howard Johnson

Alan Jones

Eric Jones

John Daniel Jones

Alan Lee 

Jim Lenette

Martin Luckwell

Dave Mountfield#

Bill Reynolds

Peter Stewkesbury 

 Alan Walters

Norman Whomes

Robin Williams

Nigel Binding

Norman Burgess

Fred Cooper

Alan Conibear

Barry Evans*

Geoff Evans@

Peter Gambold* 

Ken Graves*

Ken Jones*

Martin Lloyd Jones

Richard Keene

 Alan Kelly

Tony Phipps

Huw Richards

Dafydd Roberts

Wendell Roberts*

Alan Rohman

Dave Thomas*

Peter Thomas

* Life Member # 50+ Year Membership @ 60+ Year Membership


Our recent recruitment iniatative has resulted in prospective new members.

The following have already passed their second voice test and are singing with the choir:- David Rose, Colin Davies, David Beynon, Peter Burgess and Robert Griffiths .

At the other end of the scale, we heartily congratulate Geoff "Effie" Evans and Peter Osborne on an unblemished record of 60+ years of service to the choirs bottom bass section.

NOTE; There's a warm welcome to any man at all Rehearsal Nights, now held at Ebeneser Chapel, Dunvant Square SA2 7UX from 7 pm until 9 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The First step is the important one ! 

-      -     -     -     -      -      -     -      -      -      -

We send our very best wishes to all choristers, their families and their friends who may not be known to us, but presently    suffering poor health or undergoing treatment.