Brian "Buzzer" Bevan (1937 - 2018)


The choir is saddened to report the death of Brian "Buzzer" Bevan.


Buzzers Funeral.jpg  


Although brought up in Bishopston, Brian epitemised everything good about his adopted Dunvant.

He had been an essential cog in two of Dunvant's eminent organisations, Dunvant Rugby Club and Dunvant Male Choir.


Brian Bevan.jpg

Brian receiving his choir Life Membership in 1990


Brian, having joined the choir in 1965, was a life member and a charachter of the choir.

Brian was both a major contributor at the choir's concerts, but he was "in his oils" when organising and an instegating the choir's afterglows.

Brian made the "Dunvant Afterglow" famous in the UK and abroad.

Thanks for the memories Buzzer, R.I.P.


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