Harmony and Humour

£8.00 £5.00


2 Cd's

Now When I was Young and Easy 3.49
Nant Y Mynydd 2.57
I was Born at the Side 1.54
Song of Freedom 3.01
The Memories of Childhood 3.50
A Valley Called the Rhondda 2.33
I Remember August Monday 6.58
God's Choir 2.17
One Christmas was so Much 7.44
The Animals are Coming 1.58
It Was the First Time 5.33
Eli Jenkins Prayer 2.44
Oh Yes I Remember Him Well 4.32
A Roman War Song 2.54
I Was Standing at the End 3.57
My Love is Like a Red Red Rose 2.45
Patricia, Edith & Arnold 8.55
Li'l Lisa Jane 2.05
It is All About a Day's Outing 10.42
Dashenka 3.47
What Has Become of Him Now 4.08
Morte Christe 4.57
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